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As part of our mission to offer HIGH QUALITY SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE items all of our consigner's items will be given a quick visual inspection at drop off. This way we can prevent stained, shabby, out of style, out of season, broken etc. items from making it into our buyer's hands.


We know that despite our best efforts sometimes we miss a stain, or a sundress feels it’s so adorable it can be worn all year ‘round and jumps into your winter coat pile, so we don’t want you to be offended or frustrated by our double checking all your items.

Items that do not meet our quality standards will be returned to the seller. Because of the nature of the event if an item needs to be returned because it does not pass inspection the buyer will be refunded and you will lose your portion of the sale of that item. there will be a $5.00 processing fee per/rejected item. 

If you do not bring all your sold items you will be asked to go back and get them. So please double check before you leave the house!

Sellers who are not able to produce all sold items for drop off will be charged a fee and may possibly be asked not to consign in future virtual events. 

Please expect drop off to take 10-15 minutes depending on the number of items you have. 


Before You Drop Off


  • that you have all your sold items

  • that the item number and the description match with the physical item.

  • that the item number tag is clearly visible 

  • If selling larger items check that you have all the parts, pieces, attachments etc.

  • Have all bundled items in bags as recommended on the website. Bagged items prevent the spread of germs - and to make it easier for us to manage al the items.

  • All items with "pieces" should be bagged, or have the pieces in bags and securely taped to the item.

  • For a smooth drop off experience please have all your items organized NEATLY in ITEM NUMBER ORDER. We ask that all large items be unloaded (when instructed) and placed on the curb in NUMBER ORDER.

NOTE:: We will NOT accept items in "grocery store bags" or non-see-through bags.  If sellers drop off items in these bags they will need to be repackeaged and the seller will be charged $5.00/bag

How To Drop Off:


Arrive ON TIME at the start of your time slot. (example if you slot is 10:20-10:40 you will arrive at 10:20.)




When you arrive at Whoo Consigns, at your pre-selected day and time, you will;


  • Park your Car (DO NOT UNLOAD)- You may temporarily park your car in front of the building.

  • Check-in with a Team Member (if you don't see a team member out front please Text us at 973-692-8850) 

  • You will be asked to:

  • A Team Member will check your inventory and give you instructions as to where to place your items

    • Please have your inventory labeled with tags clearly visible

    • Please have inventory arranged in item number order form least to greatest.

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