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    • Spring Event Will Be In-Person

      We are excited to announce that - due to loosening State wide restrictions and our amazing friends at the Wayne PAL our Spring 2021 consignment event will be IN-PERSON!!! We will be taking all the precautions necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe when you sell or shop with us! We'll be outlining all the steps we're taking in a future update but please know we'll require health waivers from sellers, masks and temperature checks for shoppers, social distancing inside our event, and frequent hand sanitizing for everyone. Sale Dates: April 15-17 Where: Wayne PAL Building ... 1 PAL Dr. Wayne We're going to have a lot of information coming at you over the next few weeks to make sure everyone is ready so keep your eye on social media and your inbox for all the details. For now ... here are some updates for you. SHOPPERS In-Person shopping means: You get to personally inspect each item you buy No bundles - buy one item or 100, it's up to you Same great pre-sale options give you the chance to shop before the crowds SELLERS In-Person selling means: No bundling No pictures No restrictions on categories (see our accepted items list for more info"

    • SALE UPDATES 2021

      Hello Friends! It's been a few months and we're so excited to be touching base with you again! Spring is fast approaching and you know what that means - CONSIGNMENT SEASON! We want to share with you all the details about our Spring plans. We know that time (and brain cells) are precious these days so we're going to keep it short! Covid is still a thing - but there may be an end in sight Large gatherings are still limited to just 10 PEOPLE For many reasons, we will NOT be holding a virtual event. We cannot hold our in-person event while staying in compliance with current NJ guidelines Our hope is that guidelines will change with more people being vaccinated and as we come out of cold and flu season. If guidelines change with enough notice for us to get everything together, our plan is to hold an in-person event on APRIL 15-17 Now I'm sure you're thinking what does this mean for us. Good Question! Write APRIL 15-17 on your calendars! We are going to be super optimistic that we'll be able to pull this off. For Sellers If you are a seller you can pop on over to our sellers FB Group for interactive fun and up to the minute updates. Wait to register - because of all of the unknowns we would hate to collect money for registration only to find out that we are not able to hold our event. We will open registration as sure as we are fairly certain we can hold an indoor event within state and local guidelines. Wait to enter items - for the same reason as above Start prepping your items as you would for our regular in-person event! This way you will be ready to enter all your items as soon as registration opens! If you have ONLY SOLD VIRTUALLY I'll be putting together a little video tutorial soon on how to prep for an in-person event vs an online event.

    • Updates 5/28/20

      VIRTUAL SELLER AGREEMENT As we navigate our new virtual event we have found a few things that we feel we need to state - and make sure that all sellers are in agreement with. 1. You will not sell items if you or a member of your family has been sick within the past 14 days 2. You will do your best to wash and disinfect your items before drop off. 3. You agree to drop off your sold items at your selected time on June 15th 1. Time slots sign-ups will be made available soon 4. You will wear a mask at drop off and adhere to current social distance guidelines 5. Any items that do not meet our quality or accept item guidelines will be deleted from the event. We will notify you if this happens. 1. If items are rejected by the buyer due to excessive wear, broken or missing parts/items, etc sellers will be charged a $10 fee. 6. If you enter items into our system we are assuming that you plan to sell those items with Whoo Consigns and Whoo Consigns only in order to ensure that those items are available for our shoppers when the event opens. • It is VERY IMPORTANT to accurately enter your items. This includes item number, descriptions, prices, pictures etc. Changes after submit are time-consuming and we'd like to avoid them if possible. • We are working on a "read-only" sheet of your inputted items so that you can review prices/descriptions/photos before the final event. • We understand that mistakes happen and that you don't have a way to go back and edit your own items, so we are willing to make a limited number of edits to your items if you realize there is something you want to change. • If there are excessive edits there will be a processing fee and may result in you having to re-enter items. IMPORTANT LINKS SELLER FB PAGE: SELLERS ONLY FB Group SELLER WEB PAGE:  here and the password is:: whoosells ACCEPTED ITEMS & BUNDLE REQUIREMENTS: HERE HOW TO ENTER ITEMS: HERE ITEM ENTRY FORM: HERE NEW DATES: JUNE 5-12 • Item entry deadline: June 3rd. ◦ We didn't think we would need a deadline - but we have realized that there is a bit of work involved to make sure that your entered items are looking their best. ◦ We will do another upload of any items not entered on June 6th. We'll upload everyday unit the event ends if you find you want to add more items. This will mean that your items miss the big pre-sale day. • ITEM TAGS: We sent out personalized item tags - along with a lot of other important info - on May 19. I know that some of you have not gotten that email and I apologize! please check all your miscellaneous folders for an email entitled  "SELLER INPUT FORM IS READY". I want to make sure that you are not missing other important updates from us!! ◦ There are links above to your personalized tags! ◦ If you can't find the email or the link above doesn't work. Please click this link - and I'll get them to you ASAP! • Some tips for entering items ◦ SOLID - LIGHT colored background will best highlight your items. ◦ Take highlight pictures of large items such as special features ◦ Try to arrange clothes a neatly as possible - highlighting and complete outfits if possible. ◦ If possible include your item tag in the picture to help verify which item has which number. • Car seats and booster seats need to show a clear picture of the •manufacturer date• and I need •car seat waivers• emailed for each seat you enter.  [ Car Seat Waiver Form - Used Car Seat Checklist ] • Large items consider adding measurements (I saw one of you already did this

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    • Whoo Consigns - How to Consign

      PREP items PRICE to sell PRINT tags FOLLOW THESE TIPS FOR CONSIGNMENT SUCCESS Accepted Items All items must be clean and free of stains, tears, excessive wear and odors (like smoke). All items must be in good working order without broken zippers or missing buttons. A good rule of thumb is to only sell items that are of high enough quality that you would want to buy them. The list below is by no means a complete list and if you're not sure about a particular item please get in touch with us. There an item limit of 250 items per consignor. ​ If you have a sell-through rate higher that 50% for 2 sales - and maintain that percentage - you will be permitted to bring an unlimited number of items! ACCEPTED ITEMS Infant clothing - newborn to 18 months - no more than 20 hangers per size/per /gender/consignor Children’s and junior’s clothing - size 24 months through junior sizes Onesies bundled and bagged in sets of 6 Children’s shoes in excellent condition WOMEN'S CLOTHING Clothing: 20 items Handbags: 5 items Outerwear: 20 items Shoes: 5 items Women's Maternity - no limits​ Accessories in excellent condition (caps, hair bows, belts, socks, etc.) Baby accessories - bibs, baby tubs, blankets, booster seats, changing table pads Bedding - Sheets, crib bumpers, comforters, blankets, quilts, complete crib or toddler bed sets, etc. Furniture - cradles, bassinets, rocking chairs, changing tables, toy boxes, dressers, twin/full beds Dress up clothes, costumes, and dance outfits Infant equipment - exersaucers, strollers, pack-n-plays, swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, breast pump Dolls, actions figures, Barbie's and any accessories that go with them Children's books, videos, DVDs and CDs Nursery equipment - monitors, diaper pails, bathtubs, bath seats Toys (with all their pieces and batteries) - games, puzzles, learning toys Talking/Reading stuffed animals - only plush animals that play music or talk Outdoor toys - bikes, tricycles, ride-on toys, cars, play gyms, playhouses, and slides Nursing equipment - breast pumps (pump only), Boppy pillows, slings Sporting equipment in good condition Safety equipment - gates, locks, bed rails, wedges Children’s décor items - wall décor, mobiles, rugs, lamps Feeding accessories - new cups, plates, silverware, bottles On Trend, stylish Women's Clothing, handbags and outerwear. Items limits apply! Children’s seasonal items - swimwear, roller skates, Halloween costumes or Holiday clothing Just about anything “kid-related” as long as it is in good condition CAR SEATS & BOOSTER SEATS - If you would like to sell a car seat or booster seat PLEASE FILL OUT our Car Seat Waiver From ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED Clothing that is out-of-date, not currently "on-trend" faded, stained, or damage Clothing that is inappropriate for the upcoming season Onesies, on a hanger, that are not sold as an outfit. That includes multiple onesies on a hanger. Onesies can be bundled and bagged in sets of 6 . Adult sized clothing (except women's and maternity) Undergarments (unless new in package) - this includes nursing bras Items that have been recalled or determined to be unsafe SHOES OR BOOKS IN PLASTIC BAG Battery operated toys without batteries Stuffed animals that do not play music, talk, or are on trend Toys with missing parts Small toys such as fast food kid’s meal toys or dollar store toys. Also, any dollar isle type items that can be bought at stores like Target, WalMart etc. even if they are sold as sets. Used feeding or teething items - pacifiers, bottles, nipples, cups VHS TAPES Item Limits We've been running the sale for a few years now and we've noticed something. Bringing more items doesn't necessarily mean a higher sell though! If anything we've noticed that consignors who bring massive amounts of items usually come home with massive amounts of items. This is what we call a low sell through rate. This can be due to lesser quality items, poor item prep (because of rushing to get all those items entered and tagged), or even older items that are out of style. Whatever the cause, we've noticed a correlation and want to help you out! Our goal is for every consignor to sell most of their items at each sale. To further that goal we set a 250 item limit for all consignors We are encouraging all sellers to bring only their highest quality clothing and shoes, make fashionable, budget-friendly sets of clothing/bedding/accessories, and high-quality toys without stains, breaks, or missing parts. You may also want to consider purging items that haven't sold in the past sale or two. Still have a ton of items to sell and frustrated by the item limit? We get it! Consignors who consistently have had a sell-through rate of over 50% will be permitted to bring an unlimited number of items to the sale! Woo Whooo! ITEM LIMITS ON CLOTHING FROM AGES 0-18 MONTHS We are usually PACKED with newborn clothing which may seem like a great thing. The only problem is, they're not huge sellers! Here's what we're seeing... TIME - Spend time wisely - We feel so bad that you go through all that hard work of prepping those teeny tiny outfits, and end up bringing them home again with nothing to show for your hard work. SELL-THROUGH -You want to make more money, right? - We have found that shoppers get overwhelmed when shopping though loads of clothes in the same size, and end up not buying as much. RACK SPACE - we reserve a lot of valuable space that gets filled up with items that don't sell. REALITY - think about how many 0-18 months clothes you got at your shower. Seriously, right? - Some of it your little one never even wore! Well, there are lots of shoppers in the same boat. Overloaded with newborn clothes and usually just looking for super cheap filler pieces or awesome outfits for special occasions or a photo shoot. Think about when you were a new mom when choosing your items to sell. SO... to get more rack space for us, more money for you, and a better experience for our shoppers, we are setting some limits. For 0-18 months clothing we are setting a limit of 20 hangers / per size / per gender for each consignor. Whatever you put on those hangers is up to you... sort of. We suggest making outfits whenever possible. Or bundle one or two outfits on a hanger for a more appealing sale. Also, we will no longer be accepting onesies that are not sold as an outfit. That includes multiple onesies on a hanger. Onesies should be bundled and bagged in sets of 6, and we'll display them on tables and not on the clothing racks.. QUALITY AND FUNCTIONALITY Our shoppers are looking for high-quality items at a great price. Did you catch the high-quality part! We inspect all items before putting them on the sale floor. Items that don't meet our standards will not be included in the sale (not matter how low you price them). IN STYLE - We only accept clothing items that have been in style over the past 5 years (give or take). We do not make exceptions for "vintage" items. We do accept certain vintage toys that meet the rest of our guidelines and HAVE BEEN CHECKED FOR RECALLS HIGH QUALITY - Check to make sure there are no stains, rips tears in the fabric of any item. This includes clothing, outerwear, strollers, etc. Take your items into the sunlight and make sure they are not dirty, dingy, or overly worn out or faded. Look at your items in both natural sunlight and indoor light if possible. Some spots won’t show up in indoor lighting alone but become miraculously visible in sunlight. Checking your items thoroughly before you tag them will save you time. Ask a friend to give your item a sniff! I'm not joking! You want to make sure that there are no strong smells attached to your items. We grow accustomed to smells in our home that shoppers may not be fond of. We DO NOT accept items that smell of smoke, moth balls, pets, mold etc. FUNCTIONALITY - Test all zippers, buttons, snaps, latches, etc to make sure they are secure and work well. If the item requires batteries make sure the batteries are fresh and the item is working properly. (items without batteries will not be accepted) All items sold must be in working order and function as intended. All items will be checked at drop-off and any items not working properly or missing parts will not be accepted. Make sure strollers, swings, pack and plays, etc fold up easily. Consider including manuals to help shoppers see how the items operate. NEAT AND CLEAN - In order to keep our clothing items organized we display them on clothing racks. All clothes items MUST be placed securely on hangers. "Clean brings the green," so apply some elbow grease. Remove scuff marks, dirt, crayon, food stains, etc. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will become your new best friend! It works wonders on the surface of most toys, bikes, baby gear and more. A little effort to freshen up goes a long way when adding up the sales. ENSURE POTTY & DIAPER ITEMS ARE EXTRA CLEAN AND SANITIZED. This includes training potties, potty seats, diaper champs/genies etc. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED? If you're selling an item that will need to be assembled after it’s been purchased, consider including a picture of the assembled item in your home. (Examples would be pop-up tents, bedding sets, Pack 'n Plays, etc.) Shoppers like to see exactly what they're buying and that’s hard to do when an item is all bundled up. And it might just help the next owner put it together correctly! Pricing Items Remember, as a consigner you set the price for the items you're selling. To help you get started we've provided some tips on how to price items so that both you and our shoppers get the best results. Keep in mind that shoppers are looking for a bargain. Price your items as fairly as possible so they have the best chance of being sold. You won't have success if the prices are too high, no matter how much you originally paid for an item. There's no shortage of coupons and online deals for brand new merchandise, so the people shopping at consignment sales are looking for major discounts on items that have already been used. No changes to the donate status of the item will be accepted after the sale starts. If you would like to change the status of any of your items you must after the sale is over and sort your items personally into the category you wish them to be in. No changes to the 1/2 price status of your item can be made after the start of the sale. (we highly recommend including items in the 1/2 price sale as it's a great way to clear out some inventory and make a little extra money. Consigners who enter items in 1/2 price day tend to be higher earns than those who don't) Set a price of at least $2.00 for every item. If a single item isn't worth $2.00 then pair it with another like item. Use simple price increments of fifty cents ($2.00, $2.50, and so on). Price your items for discount at the half-price sale to make sure they find a new home. Many shoppers come back for the half-price sale to purchase discounted items they saw earlier in the week. This a great way to make sure that most of your items are sold and to earn a little extra money! The better your item is presented the more likely it is to sell. For example: If you place too many small items in a bag shoppers may have a hard time seeing exactly what they are buying and decide to pass. Bedding items should be folded in such a way to show the main print Items not hung properly on hangers tend to look shabby, no matter how clean or high end they are. ADDITIONAL TIPS FOR PREPPING & TAGGING **PLEASE NOTE: ALL CLOTHING ITEMS MUST BE ON HANGERS** For more information on where to find hangers please click here Car Seat Waiver From How To Print Tags Step by step how to print the tags for each of your items More Info Pricing Tip Sheet Make sure you are pricing your items right so that they SELL More Info Toy Prep Toys are tricky! All those parts! Be sure they don't get lost More Info Locate Missing Parts Toy missing parts? Don't toss it! Find those missing parts. More Info Clothes Prep Get all the tips to make sure your clothing finds a new home! More Info Shoe Prep No one will buy a single shoe - or a stinky one! More Info Check for Recalls SUPER IMPORTANT We cannot accept recalled items. More Info Large Items Prep How to get those bigger items ready for sale! More Info Prep Examples A Pictures is worth a thousand words! More Info Tagging Supplies You can find tagging supplies in a variety of stores or online retailers. Keep an eye our for sales at Target, dollar stores, and office supply stores as well. We highly recommend you use a tagging gun to tag your items. Tagging guns make tagging quick and easy and are less likely to damage items. Veteran consigners will tell you it's worth the investment Size-appropriate, sturdy plastic or wire clothes hangers White cardstock paper (60-70 lb.) for your tags (Do not use regular copy paper or paper with a glossy finish.) Plenty of toner or ink in your printer, especially if you have a lot of tags to print Tagging gun or silver safety pins ONLY to secure items or to attach tags (No straight pins please - ouch! No gold pins as they don't hold up during the sale, and no staples as they can damage clothing, are difficult to remove, and the tags rip off easily.) Ziploc bags in a variety of sizes Clear packing tape or masking tape. (We've found that Scotch doesn't stay on for the long haul.) Zip Ties to pair together shoes or toys with multiple parts Scissors A Sharpie marker Attaching Tags We highly recommend you use a tagging gun to tag your items. Attach the tag to fabric items by using a safety pin or tagging gun. DO NOT attach to the main fabric of the item as it tends to leave a hole in the fabric. DO NOT use staples, binder clips, bobby pins, straight pins at any time DO NOT use ribbon or tape to attach tags to clothing Use packing tape to attach tags to plastic toys, ziplock bags, or any hard surface items. DO NOT cover up the barcode with tape as it will not scan at checkout. Make sure to secure the tag in a highly visible area ....that doesn't interfere with shoppers checking the functionality or cleanliness of the item (ie, not on the upper handle of a stroller or over the power controls of a swing.) Do not place the tag in an area that may be less visible when the item is displayed. (ie. the seat or sun shade of a stroller, back of a swing, bottom side of a bouncy seat) Write the item number and your seller number on the item ...( in addition to the tag) using a piece of masking tape or by taping a piece of paper with packing tape. This will help identify your item should it become separated from its tag. We find that pinning the tag, or securing the tag with a tagging gun better ensures that the tag will remain with your item but still be visible to shoppers. If you use packing tape, leave plenty of tape on the side of the tag so it stays securely in place. Packing tape tends to come loose from some items if not placed on properly, and the tag gets lost. Use enough tape so that you have tape covering most of the tag, leaving only the barcode exposed. If tagging in sets, either clothes, groups of toys, or extra pieces of an item, make sure to label tag as an "x piece set) then label each piece with " Consigner number, item number and piece x of x" using a piece of masking tape. This will help us put your items back into proper sets should they become separated.

    • Car Seat Waiver Form | whooconsigns

      Car Seat Waiver Form Please fill out one form for each car seat, car seat base, or booster seat you are selling First & Last Name Seller Number Email In order to sell a children’s car seat, please read, complete, and sign the following along with the attached Second-Hand Car Seat Checklist: To the best of my knowledge, I am the original owner of the car seat that I am selling through Whoo Consigns and know the history of the car seat from the date of original purchase. The car seat that I am selling has not been recalled for any reason and meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The car seat also meets all the bulleted standards listed below: The seat has a label on it with the date of manufacture, model number and serial number. The seat is less than 5 years old. The seat has a label showing that it meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The seat has never been in any motor vehicle crashes (even minor). There are no cracks, dents, bends or breaks to the plastic shell. The metal frame and all other parts are not broken, bent or rusted. The seat is of high quality and has all its working parts in great working condition; harness straps, either, harness clip, padding, seat cover, shield, bolts, etc. The seat is clean and does not have any rips, tears, holes or stains. When the seat is buckled, the locking mechanism works correctly and remains locked securely until properly unlocked. I agree to the terms & conditions Manufactured Date: Model Number Serial Number Has the seat passed its expiration date? Or, was it manufactured more than six years ago? No. Continue Yes. Destroy the seat! It is no longer safe to use. 2. Is the seat labeled as meeting current Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards? Yes. Continue No. Destroy! It is no longer safe; do not use. 3. Has the seat been involved in a vehicle crash? No. Continue Yes. Destroy! It is no longer safe to use. Unknown? Destroy! The seat may have hidden damage. 4. Has the seat been recalled for safety defects? No. Continue Yes. Have the defects been corrected? Yes. Continue No. Destroy! It is no longer safe. Unknown? Call manufacturer for help on how to see if recall has been repaired. 5. Are there any splits, cracks, bends or breaks in the plastic shell or metal frame? No. Continue Yes. Destroy! It is no longer safe to use. 6. Do you have the instruction book? Yes. Continue No. Order a new set or print one from the manufacturer’s Web site. 7. Does the seat have all its parts: harness straps, pad/upholstery, harness retainer clip, shield (if applicable), tether strap, LATCH connectors, locking clip, etc.? Yes. Continue. You MUST refer to the car seat instructions to see if all parts are present! No. Destroy—or obtain replacement parts from the manufacturer. 8. Are the harness straps worn, damaged or frayed? No. Continue Yes. Destroy—or obtain replacement parts from the manufacturer. 9. Is there rust in the buckle area? No. Continue Yes. Throw the seat away—or obtain replacement parts from the manufacturer! 10. Does the buckle mechanism fasten securely, remain fastened, and unfasten smoothly? Yes. You may consider using this seat. No. Destroy—or, obtain replacement parts from the manufacturer I agree that I have complete this checklist and have determined that my car seat, booster seat, or base is safe to sell Submit Waiver Thanks for submitting!

    • Whoo Consigns - Consigner Info

      Selling Consignment There are SO MANY benefits to selling your items with us at a consignment event vs. Accepted Items Quality Guidelines onetime cleanout Selling with Whoo CONSIGNS is a real no brainer We provide a quick, easy, and convenient way for you to clear out your kids' stuff - and even some of your own things Sell ALL of your things in one weekend! Make $100-$300 and maybe even MORE! Imagine all this without having to worry about rain on your garage sale day or scheduling meetups through social media. No need to be at the sale for all three days. One easy drop-off. If you donate items you don't even need to come back - unless of course, you want to shop! Why Bother? More Money No Haggling No Shady Meet-ups Special Shopping Passes Free Advertising Earn 60% of the sales of your sold items. That's A LOT! You'll earn more if you at the sale as a Team Member. And Team Members SHOP FIRST help out You're in control of how you price your items. Get your money all at once! Not spread out over months of meet-ups Save time by not having to run all over town only to be stood up. Get access to shop a special our CONSIGNOR PRE-SALE so you can shop peacefully for the things your family needs. Get the Details Part Mother's Market Part ConsignmenT Shop We are a HUGE event with anywhere from 80-120 families who are selling their things at the same time. Instead of each family having a table WE arrange all the items on the sale floor much like you would find at a consignment shop. When you sell with us you'll need to do a little prep at home to make sure your items look appealing to shoppers You'll drop your items off at the sale location. Much like dropping your items off at a consignment shop, BUT there is no need to stay with your items like you would at a mothers market or swap meet. During the event, we sell your items at the prices YOU set. When the sale is over You'll get ONE BIG CHECK for a percentage of your SOLD items!! ARE YOU READY TO SIGN UP? NEW SELLERS If this is your first time selling with us you will be asked to create a Seller Account with My Consignment Manager (MyCM) when you click the registration link below. All other steps are the same for both new and returning sellers. MyCM is the program we use to manage our inventory. In order to sell with us, you will need to create a MyCM account. For more information about MyCM click here ​ Returning Sellers Register for our current sale using the link below During registration you will: Read and accept the terms of our seller agreement Pay a small consignor fee of $12.00 to help cover part of the cost of the sale. Sign up for a Check In (item drop off) appointment Sign up for Team Member shifts (optional but highly recommended REGISTER TO SELL AT OUR EVENT Registration is opening soon! Frequently asked questions Is there a cost to sell? There is a small registration fee of $12.00 that can be paid via paypal at the time of registraion. No paypal account? NO PROBLEM! You will be asked to use a credit card instead Depending on what you are selling there may be additional cost to purchase supplies to get your itesm ready for sale. You can find out more about that . here What items to you accept? We accept "most" children's items from birth to teen that are SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE for the upcoming sale. #nobathingsuitesinwinter We accept in style womens clothing, outerwear, and handbags. We accept ALL maternity clothing or maternity realated items. CLICK HERE for a complete list How do a prepare my items? Item prep requires a little bit of work - but we promise it's not that bad! Check for stains, quality, and functionality - then clean or wash all those items that passed inspection. If you selling toys or baby gear - make sure that everything works, is clean, and has fresh batteries. Enter all your items into our online inventory Print price tags that are generated by the online software Follow guidleines to hang clothes, secure toys, bundle books, etc and attach price tag. You can visit for ALL the good details and or some pictures of how to prep items THIS PAGE THIS PAGE f When and where do I drop off my items? Drop off is always the Wednesdy before the sale opens to the public. You will drop your items off at the Wayne PAL Building - 1 PAL Dr. Wayne NJ 07470 There are drop off slots every 20 minutes from 10am - 7pm. DROP OFF SLOTS ARE BY APPOITMENT ONLY - register fast to get a spot that works for you! >> You'll pull up to the front door of the PAL >> Go to the 1st gym on the right and register that you've arrived >> Unload your items and park your car >> Come into the Gym where a volunteer will greet you and inspect* your items. >> After inspection (which takes about 10 minutes depending on how many items you have**) you are free to leave - OR - if you're extra aweseome you can assit our volunteers in putting your items on the sale floor * As part of our mission to offer HIGH QUALITY SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE items for all of our consigner inspect items at the time of drop off. **To speed through drop off make sure to follow our drop off guidelines that can be found . HERE What happens to items that don't sell? When the sale is over you MAY have unsold items. You can choose to donate all your unsold items to one of our charities (we'll take care of that for you) or you can pick up your items after the sale closes on Saturday. For more details go to page THIS How do I know I'm pricing my items competativly? Pricing Items Correctly is the key to consigment success. You can ready more about pricing items . or look at our spreadsheet HERE here ** Without fail every seller who marks items to be sold at on 1/2 price day items overall and comes home with less money :( ** INSIDER TIP: PARTICIPATE IN 1/2 PRICE SALE DAY!!! (what's that you ask? read more about that ) HERE full price sells less What are the most important things I need to know about selling? You will be able to clean out all your items in ONE DAY! You have the oppertunity to get a HUGE check at the end of the sale! You earn 60% (or more) of you sold items Sellers get to shop at their own special PRE SALE BEFORE THE PUBLIC - a great way to skip the lines! You MUST register for a specific drop off shift! SPOTS FILL QUICKLY register NOW to get one that works for you so you aren't left with all your items hanging around your house! Items MUST be dropped off, prepped and ready to go (clothes on hangers) before the event @ the Wayne PAL Building All items must be SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE for the upcoming event. YOU WILL LOVE THE FEELING OF A CLEAN HOUSE WHEN YOUR DONE!! When and how do I get paid? After the sale closes we will "reconsile" all sold items, and credits. volutneer credits consignor referral We'll send you a notification to double check your account to make sure all is as it should be. This takes less than 1 week. Immediatly after that we'll issue payment to the PayPal account that you used to register for the sale. For more information on how this works click HERE If all the items are being sold together, how do you track the sales of each item so that I get credit for my items? As shoppers select and pay for your items the barcodes you atteached to your items are scanned and your payment amounts are calculated. You can even use the online program to track how your items are selling because your totals are updated at the end of each sale day. By the end of the sale you’ll know exactly how much you earned from your items and can expect a lump sum payment to arrive in one to two weeks. Restocking Sellers No Restock Sellers for Spring 2021 WHY have Restocking Consignors at all? Due to limited sale space, we simply can’t fit ALL the things on day one. Opening up for Restocking Consignors allows us to offer more items for sale while still keeping our sale floor neat and organized. This works well because during our Pre-Sale day, so many of the items on the sales floor are sold. Restocking allows for new merchandise to be added, so our FRIDAY shoppers get first dibs on a whole lot of new items. ​ ​ Why Register as a Restocking Consignor? ​ Because consignor registration sold out before you had a chance to sign up This is your first time selling and you just want to get your feet wet You don’t have a lot of clothing to sell but, oh brother, are you overrun with everything else You couldn’t fit that Wednesday drop off into your schedule but you’re free on Friday morning You like the idea of a discounted registration fee We could go on but you get the idea ​ ​ all the same great benefits of being a Consignor and more: ​ You earn the same 60% of the sales of your items, or more if you choose a Team Member shift You can shop at the Consignor Pre-Sale You pick up your unsold items the same time as all sellers (or donate them and don't worry about it) You have two extra days to tag your items You are automatically added to our Consignor Waiting List, so if a Consignor un-registers, you can be offered an opportunity to consign with our traditional Consignors ​ ​ How is being a Restock Consignor Different? ​ There are few things to take note of before deciding if RESTOCK is a good choice for you: Your Seller Fee is only $8.00 - YAY Drop off is on FRIDAY MORNING - Make sure that you are available to drop off between 9am-10am. ​​ ​ You are limited to 50 items - We want nothing more than to help you sell as many items as possible. BUT, we also want you to have a smooth selling experience! As we roll out our new Restocking program we are going to take it slow to make sure we can offer you the same seller experience as traditional sellers. If you have over 50 items to sell, talk to us. There may be some wiggle room, but we’re not making any promises! We DO NOT accept clothing… and a few other items…. from restocking sellers - You will notice that our restock categories are limited to only our most in-demand item categories. This is for two reasons. One, we have SO.MUCH.CLOTHING (and shoes, and maternity, etc.) that there is still plenty of a selection after Pre-Sale day. Two, clothing takes a long time to check-in. (If we allowed our restock sellers to bring clothing we would have to seriously limit the number of sellers - and we really don't want to do that.) So we are asking that you ONLY bring items in the categories listed. If you have questions let us know! You can review those Categories here ​ ​ If you have questions and for more information, you can email us ​ Spots will be limited so act quickly!!

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