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Accepted Items

Updated: Sep 11

All items must be clean and free of stains, tears, excessive wear and odors (like smoke). All items must be in good working order without broken zippers or missing buttons. A good rule of thumb is to only sell items that are of high enough quality that you would want to buy them.

The list below is by no means a complete list and if you're not sure about a particular item please get in touch with us.

There an item limit of 250 items per consignor.

If you have a sell through rate of 50% or higher in previous sales you will be permitted to bring up to 500 items!


  • Infant clothing - newborn to 18 months - [new] no more than 20 hangers per size/per /gender/consignor

  • Children’s and junior’s clothing - sizes 24 months through junior sizes

  • [new] Onesies can be bundled and bagged in sets of 6

  • Children’s shoes in excellent condition

  • Accessories in excellent condition (caps, hair bows, belts, socks, etc.)

  • Baby accessories - bibs, baby tubs, blankets, booster seats, changing table pads

  • Bedding - Sheets, comforters, blankets, quilts, complete crib or toddler bed sets, etc.

  • Furniture - cradles, bassinets, rocking chairs, changing tables, toy boxes, dressers, twin/full beds

  • Dress up clothes, costumes and dance outfits

  • Infant equipment - exersaucers, strollers, pack-n-plays, swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, breast pump

  • Dolls, actions figures, Barbie's and any accessories that go with them

  • Children's books, videos, DVDs and CDs

  • Nursery equipment - monitors, diaper pails, bathtubs, bath seats

  • Toys (with all their pieces and batteries) - games, puzzles, learning toys

  • Talking/Reading stuffed animals - only plush animals that play music or talk

  • Outdoor toys - bikes, tricycles, ride-on toys, cars, play gyms, playhouses and slides

  • Nursing equipment - breast pumps (pump only), Boppy pillows, slings

  • Sporting equipment in good condition

  • Safety equipment - gates, locks, bed rails, wedges

  • Children’s décor items - wall décor, mobiles, rugs, lamps

  • Feeding accessories - new cups, plates, silverware, bottles

  • Maternity clothing in excellent condition

  • Children’s seasonal items - swimwear, roller skates, Halloween costumes or Holiday clothing

  • Just about anything “kid-related” as long as it is in good condition

  • CAR SEATS & BOOSTER SEATS - If you would like to sell a car seat or booster seat PLEASE FILL OUT THESE FORMS AND BRING THEM WITH YOU TO THE SALE. [ Car Seat Waiver Form - Used Car Seat Checklist ]


  • Clothing that is out-of-date, faded, stained or damaged

  • Clothing that is inappropriate for the upcoming season

  • [new]Onesies, on a hanger, that are not sold as an outfit. That includes multiple onesies on a hanger. Onesies can be bundled and bagged in sets of 6 .

  • Adult sized clothing (except maternity)

  • Undergarments (unless new in package) - this includes nursing bras

  • Items that have been recalled or determined to be unsafe

  • Battery operated toys without batteries

  • Stuffed animals that do not play music or talk

  • Toys with missing parts

  • Small toys such as fast food kid’s meal toys or dollar store toys. Also any dollar isle type items that can be bought at stores like Target, WalMart etc. even if they are sold as sets.

  • Used feeding or teething items - pacifiers, bottles, nipples, cups


  • Crib Bumpers of any kind

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