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Pricing Your Items To Sell

Remember, as a seller you set the price for the items you're selling. To help you get started we've provided some tips on how to price items so that both you and our shoppers get the best results.

Keep in mind that shoppers are looking for a bargain. Price your items as fairly as possible so they have the best chance of being sold. You won't have success if the prices are too high, no matter how much you originally paid for an item. There's no shortage of coupons and online deals for brand new merchandise, so the people shopping at consignment sales are looking for major discounts on items that have already been used.

  • Set a price of at least $2.00 for every item. If a single item isn't worth $2.00 then pair it with another like item.

  • Use simple price increments of fifty cents ($2.00, $2.50, and so on).

  • Price your items for discount at the half-price sale to make sure they find a new home. Many shoppers come back for the half-price sale to purchase discounted items they saw earlier in the week. This a great way to make sure that most of your items are sold and to earn a little extra money!

  • The better your item is presented the more likely it is to sell. For example:

  • If you place too many small items in a bag shoppers may have a hard time seeing exactly what they are buying and decide to pass.

  • Bedding items should be folded in such a way to show the main print

  • Items not hung properly on hangers tend to look shabby, no matter how clean or high end they are.

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