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Shopping with kids - to shop or not to shop

Because of the busyness of the Pre-Sale and Half-Price Sale, it’s really not a place for small children or strollers. We recommend that you leave older children and strollers at home. However, you can "wear" your infant in a baby carrier if you need to bring them along.

At your discretion you may have your children join you during the Public Sale times, but it may be crowded and busy and CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH ANY OF THE SALE ITEMS.

If you find that you MUST bring your child along here are some things to know that will make your trip easier.

It can get CROWDED. If bringing a stroller, bring your small one to help you navigate better.

Lines can be long!! Like, half hour long. And that's after you have shopped! Make sure to plan around naps, crabby times, and bigger kids schedules.

There are toys and clothes EVERYWHERE!!! Think of it like the impulse items at the food store check out. If your kids are old enough to know what's going on, they will be asking you to buy everything they see and be tempted to play with all the toys. This can make concentrating on finding what you came for hard, will totally kill your sanity, and possibly even cost you more money (buy hey, we won't complain about that part! LOL). Seriously though, we want your shopping experience to be wonderful! Prep your kids ahead of time that you are on a mission for certain items and will not be buying everything they see!

Before you head out to shop bring a snack, bottle, or toy to keep you little one occupied.

Fridays are usually our calmest shopping day! If you find that you need to shop with kids Friday may be your day. The lines are shorter and there is more room to navigate the sale floor.

There are bathrooms available at the PAL. If you or your little one need a potty break we can hold your items for you until you get back.

Sleeping baby. Buying a lot of items, It's raining, Your tired. NO PROBLEM. You can pull your car up to the front entrance and you are steps from our sale. Our volunteers will help you load your items!

If you have any other questions about shopping with kids shoot us an email and we'll do what we can to answer your questions!

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