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"Tagging" Your Items

We highly recommend you use a tagging gun to tag your items. Tagging guns make tagging quick and easy, and are less likely to damage items. You can find inexpensive tagging guns and fasteners (usually under $15.00). Veteran consignors will tell you it's worth the investment


You can find tagging supplies in a variety of stores or online retailers. We have set up an shop where you can purchase most of the tagging supplies you need at great prices and have them shipped right to your home. Visit our Resources page for more information or click on the link to the right.

  • Size-appropriate, sturdy plastic or wire clothes hangers

  • White cardstock paper (60-70 lb.) for your tags (Do not use regular copy paper or paper with a glossy finish.)

  • Plenty of toner or ink in your printer, especially if you have a lot of tags to print

  • Tagging gun or silver safety pins ONLY to secure items or to attach tags

  • (No straight pins please - ouch!

  • No gold pins as they don't hold up during the sale,

  • and no staples as they can damage clothing, are difficult to remove, and the tags rip off easily.)

  • Ziploc bags in a variety of sizes

  • Clear packing tape or masking tape. (We've found that Scotch doesn't stay on for the long haul.)

  • Zip Ties to pair together shoes or toys with multiple parts

  • Scissors

  • A Sharpie marker


  • Attach the tag to fabric items by using a safety pin or tagging gun.

  • DO NOT attach to the main fabric of the item as it tends to leave a hole in the fabric.

  • DO NOT use staples, binder clips, bobby pins, straight pins at any time

  • DO NOT use ribbon or tape to attach tags to clothing

  • Use packing tape to attach tags to plastic toys, ziplock bags, or any hard surface items.

  • DO NOT cover up the barcode with tape as it will not scan at checkout.

  • Make sure to secure the tag in a highly visible area that interfere with shoppers checking the functionality or cleanliness of the item (ie, not on the upper handle of a stroller or over the power controls of a swing.) Do not place the tag in an area that may be less visible when the item is displayed. (ie. the seat or sun shade of a stroller, back of a swing, bottom side of a bouncy seat)

  • Consider writing the item number and your consigner number on the item ( in addition to the tag) using a piece of masking tape or by taping a piece of paper with packing tape. This will help identify your item should it become separated from its tag.

  • We find that pinning the tag, or securing the tag with a tagging gun better ensures that the tag will remain with your item but still be visible to shoppers.

  • If you use paking tape, leave penty of tape on the side of the tag so it stays securly in place. Packing tape tends to come loose from some items if not placed on properly, and the tag gets lost. Use enough tape so that you have tape covering most of the tag, leaving only the barcode exposed.

  • If tagging in sets, either clothes, groups of toys, or extra pieces of an item, make sure to lable tag as an "x piece set) then lable each piece with " Consigner number, item number and piece x of x" using a piece of masking tape. This will help us put your items back into proper sets should they become separated

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