Common questions from first timers

What kind of items are sold?

High quality new or barely used children’s items like clothes, outerwear, shoes/boots, toys, bedding, games, books, DVD's, baby gear, bikes, bags, and much, much more.

Visit our Accepted Items page for a more complete list.

How much can I save on these items?

Most items sold at our sales are priced between 50-90% off their original retail price, depending on brand and quality. Because the items being sold are typically outgrown or no longer used it’s easy to find some really amazing bargains.

How do I carry all my great finds while I'm shopping?

We want your shopping experience to be as convenient as possible, so when you arrive we will have super large, super flexible bags ready for you to use. We also have several sale assistants ready to help you place items in a reserved bin for later checkout.

Who can I bring with me to the sale?

During the Public and Half-Price Sale times you can bring anyone with you as long as . Share these bargains with your friends and family or make the sale your destination for a Mom’s day out.

During the Pre-Sale times only new and expecting moms WHO HAVE A PRE-SALE PASS, consigners and volunteers are allowed to shop. New and expecting moms may bring one additional guest with them to the Pre-Sale.

How do I pay for my items?

Any way you want! You can pay by cash, check or credit / debit card.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Maybe. Because merchandise is being sold the state of New Jersey requires that we collect Sales Tax for any taxable items. Fortunately most clothing is exempt from this tax so it’s really only applicable for toys, gear or similar items.

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