Seller Referral Program

We are SUPER excited to announce our consignor referral program!!

If you enjoyed consigning with us and are planning to do so again, why not get some friends to consign with you?! If you talk to your friends, family, or co-workers about how easy and profitable it was for you to consign with Whoo Consigns and they decide to follow in your footsteps, we want to reward you! By you sharing your experiences and encouraging others to consign our sale grows, by growing our sale more people hear about Whoo Consigns, when more people hear about Whoo Consigns, we get more shoppers, when we get more shoppers YOU sell more items. It’s a win for you, and for us, and we want to say THANK YOU!


  • Make sure you are registered and paid as Consignor for the current sale

  • The New Consignor (friend you referred) needs to:

  • be BRAND NEW to Whoo Consigns - they must not have consigned with us before

  • register and pay the consignor

fee for the same sale

  • bring at least 25 qualified items to drop off on the sale drop off day

  • When the your friend (the New Consignor) registers make sure they put YOUR NAME in the "How did you hear about us?" field on the registration form so that you get the credit!

  • Have a lot of friends? GREAT! There is no limit on the number of referrals, but only one consignor name may be given credit per referral.

  • We will keep track of all referrals.

  • For your first qualified new consigner referral you will have you consigner fee ($12.00) refunded. For every additional qualified new consigner you will earn an additional 1% back on sale so your consigned items.

  • Both you and any consigner/s you refer, must consign qualified items at the sale

  • Your referral rewards will be added to your earnings check

Now go talk to your friends about Whoo Consigns!!!

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