The Half-Price Sale Explained - This is important - READ THIS!

What is the Half-Price sale?

On the last day of the sale select items are marked down an additional 50%. At the Half-Price Sale you can grab even bigger discounts by picking up items for half of their displayed price! You may be able to pick up an item that was out of your price range when you visited the sale earlier that week because it's marked as half off!!

Is everything marked down to half price?

No. Consignors have the option of whether or not their items will be marked down, so the discount is on an item-by-item basis. You can still purchase items that have not been discounted during the Half-Price sale. No changes can be made to the price of the item. For Example, we cannot discount an item that is not marked half-off.

How can i tell if an items is half price?

An item’s tag will clearly display whether or not the price is discounted.


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