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Selling Baby Gear & Large Items


Our shoppers are looking for high quality items at a great price. Did you catch the high quality part! We inspect all items before putting them on the sale floor. Items that don't meet our standards will not be included in the sale (not matter how low you price them).

  • Check to make sure there are no stains, rips tears in fabric

  • Take your items into the sunlight and make sure they are not dirty, dingy, or overly worn out or faded. Some spots won’t show up in indoor lighting alone but become miraculously visible in sunlight. Checking your items thoroughly before you tag them will save you time.

  • Test all zippers, buttons, snaps, latches, etc to make sure they are secure and work well.

  • If the item requires batteries make sure the batteries are fresh and the item is working properly. (items without batteries will not be accepted)

  • All items sold must be in working order and function as intended. All items will be checked at drop off and any items not working properly or missing parts will not be accepted.

  • "Clean brings the green," so apply some elbow grease. Remove scuff marks, dirt, crayon, food stains, etc. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will be come your new best friend! It works wonders on the surface of most toys, bikes, baby gear and more. A little effort to freshen up goes a long way when adding up the sales.

  • Make sure strollers, swings, pack and plays, etc fold up easily. Consider including manuals to help shoppers see how the items operates.


Furniture should be as assembled as possible to still allow for easy transport. Consider adding a photo of the fully assembled item and mark the number of pieces sold in the tag description or on a separate note.

We find that pinning the tag, or securing the tag with a tagging gun better ensures that the tag will remain with the item but still be visible to shoppers. Packing tape tends to come loose from these items and the tag gets lost.

Make sure to secure the tag in a highly visible area that interfere with shoppers checking the functionality or cleanliness of the item (ie, not on the upper handle of a stroller or over the power controls of a swing.) Do not place the tag in an area that may be less visible when the item is displayed. (ie. the seat or sun shade of a stroller, back of a swing, bottom side of a bouncy seat)

Due to space issues with our donation service we are unable to donate any unsold furniture items!

This includes cribs, beds, chairs, changing tables, etc.

You will need to pick up any unsold large items. If you are unsure if you will need to pick you your large item please get in touch with us ASAP!

If you fail to pick up your unsold item you will be charged a fee of $25.00 per item, since we'll have to personally transport and dispose of the them.

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