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Selling Shoes

Our shoppers are looking for high quality items at a great price. Did you catch the high quality part! We inspect all items before putting them on the sale floor. Items that don't meet our standards will not be included in the sale (not matter how low you price them).


  • Shoes should look almost brand new and be appropriate for the season of the sale. All laces, straps, fasteners should work well! There should be no visible dirt on either the top or bottom of the shoes.

  • We recommend fastening shoes together with a zip tie or ribbon so they won't become separated. Please DO NOT leave shoes loose in a box or ziplock bag.

  • Please don't tie shoes together by their laces! Remember how difficult it was to separate them the last time your child did this?

  • A quick wipe down with Armor All will restore leather shoes to like-new condition.

  • Attach tag to the ribbon/zip tie you used to secure the shoes, or to an additional ribbon or zip tie. DO NOT tape the tag to the shoe, box, or ziplock bag.

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