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How To Print Tags

Updated: Sep 11

Help for Printing Tags

  • Paper:

  • Only White Card Stock is Acceptable; no fuzzy or textured paper (because the barcodes will bleed and not scan)

  • Best type paper: 60# - 67#, 110# card or cover stock. However, please consult with your sale owner for required weight and color

  • Do not put tape on the barcode

  • Printer:

  • Best Printer: ink jets with normal toner (no dot matrix printers)

  • Printing Settings:

  • Use NORMAL or DRAFT. (Best quality is too dark and causes the barcodes to bleed)

  • Print with "Black Cartridge" only.

  • Helpful Tips:

  • Make sure the barcodes are crisp and clear and not bleeding

  • Sort their clothes by gender and size before tagging for best efficiency

  • Avoid long descriptions and overuse of capital letters.

Trouble Printing tags?

  • If the tags that pull up are blank, go back to the link and right click on the link.

  • If the barcode does not print on the two tags on the bottom, then follow these steps.

  1. Select File and Print in the upper left hand corner

  2. Go to Page Handling section in the print pop up box.

  3. In the Page Scaling drop down box, select "Fit to Printer Margins" or "Shrink to Printable Area".

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