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Accessories and small things

Small accessories do best when sold as sets. Group together smaller items such as socks, hair bows, hats, mittens, stockings, etc. Place all items in a zip lock bage and tape closed with packing tape. Either attach tag with packing tape to the outside of the bag, or place inside the bag where it's easily visable. Note the number of items along with a detailed description of each on the tag.

  • DO NOT OVER BUNDLE. Placing too many items in a bag will make it look cluttered and shoppers will pass it over

  • "Medium" accessories such as sunglasses & belts can eitehr be packaged in zip lock bags or left loose. Make sure tag is secured well onto item. Shoppers may "try on" these items. Consider writing your consigner number and item number on a piece of masking tape and placing somewhere on the item. This will help us reunite any lost tags with the proper items.

  • Larger accessories such as purses, backpacks, etc do fine on their own. Cleanliness and functionality are key with these items.

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