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Bedding & Blankets

​Bedding sets and blankets sell well when properly prepared. Here are some things we've noticed.

  • We have found that shoppers like to be able to see the whole blanket. Putting blankets in a bag pretty much guarantees it won't sell

  • No matter how awesome it is that you have your complete Pottery Barn bedroom set is - it won't sell if you try to sell it as a set. Shoppers are usually looking to add to an existing set and don't want to pay for pieces they don't need. Break it down into pieces such as blanket, lamp, sheets, decor etc. and we'll stage it together on the sale floor so that shoppers can pick the pieces they want.

  • Everyone has a hundred receiving blankets but they are always looking for more!! Sell "bargain brand" blankets in sets and price low. Aden and Anais blankets and ones similar sell well even if individually sold

Pepping and attaching tags

  • Crib and bedding sets can be hung on a sturdy hanger with all the pieces pinned together so nothing gets separated.

  • It's a good idea to include a picture of the bedding assembled, either in your own home or from a website or catalog so that shoppers can see exactly what they're buying.

  • Small receiving blankets can be sold together in sets of two or three. All other blankets should be sold individually. All blankets should be pinned together hung on a hanger. Make sure to attach the blankets to the hanger so they don’t fall off. (see picture below)

  • Attach tags with safety pins or tagging gun.

  • Label tag with how many blankets are in the set and a detailed description of each. This will help us out if the pieces become separated.

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