Sale Updates for Spring 2018

We are so excited to see everyone at our next sale!

To help everyone be better equipped to get the most out of the sale we'd love you to read these important updates!

For RETURNING CONSIGNORS who are Transferring items

Please note that you should only move inventory items that you are planning to sell at our CURRENT SALE!

For example, don't transfer your snowsuits or holiday clothes or wool sweaters! You will be able to transfer those items over to our Fall 2018 sale when that time comes.

We have item limits at this sale and transferring ALL items will greatly impact you item count!


We've been running the sale for a few years now and we've noticed something. Bringing more items doesn't necessarily mean a higher sell though! If anything we've noticed that consignors who bring massive amounts of items usually come home home with massive amounts of items. This is what we call a low sell through rate. This can be due to lesser quality items, poor item prep (because of rushing to get all those items entered and tagged), or even older items that are out of style. Whatever the cause, we've noticed a correlation and want to help you out!

Our goal is for every consignor to sell most of their items at each sale.

To further that goal we will be setting a 250 item limit for all consignors, new and returning.

We are encouraging all sellers to bring only their highest quality clothing and shoes, make fashionable, budget friendly sets of clothing/bedding/accessories, and high quality toys without stains, breaks, or missing parts.

You may also want to consider purging items that haven't sold in the past sale or two.

Still have a ton of items to sell and frustrated by the item limit? We get it!

Consignors who have had a sell through rate of over 50% will be permitted to bring an unlimited number of items to the sale! Woo Whooo!


We are usually PACKED with newborn clothing which may seem like a great thing. The only ​​problem is, they're not huge sellers! Here's what we're seeing...

  1. TIME - Spend time wisely - We feel so bad that you go through all that hard work of prepping those teeny tiny outfits, and end up bringing them home again with nothing to show for your hard work.

  2. SELL THROUGH -You want to make more money, right? - We have found that shoppers get overwhelmed when shopping though loads of clothes in the same size, and end up not buying as much.

  3. RACK SPACE - we reserve a lot of valuable space that gets filled up with items that don't sell.

  4. REALITY - think about how many 0-18 months clothes you got at your shower. Seriously, right? - Some of it your little one never even wore! Well, there are lots of shoppers in the same boat. Overloaded with newborn clothes and usually just looking for super cheap filler pieces or awesome outfits for special occasions or a photo shoot. Think about when you were a new mom when choosing your items to sell.

SO... to get more rack space for us, more money for you, and a better experience for our shoppers, we are setting some limits.

For 0-18 months clothing we are setting a limit of 20 hangers / per size / per gender for each consignor. Whatever you put on those hangers is up to you... sort of. We suggest making outfits whenever possible. Or bundle one or two outfits on a hanger for a more appealing sale.

Also, we will no longer be accepting onesies that are not sold as an outfit. That includes multiple onesies on a hanger. Onesies should be bundled and bagged in sets of 6, and we'll display them elsewhere.


We love them! We display them! But they don't always sell!

After the last few sales we found that most donation sites and pickup companies have changed their rules and no longer accepts furniture. So unfortunately we will no longer be able to donate unsold furniture or large items such as chairs, cribs, beds, etc. You will need to pick up any unsold large items.

If you fail to pick up your unsold item you will be charged a fee of $25.00 per item, since we'll have to personally transport and dispose of the them.

If you want to make sure to sell your large item make sure to follow our "selling large item tips"!


It may seem like an unimportant request, but it's a big deal to us! Not leaving a tub - or not leaving enough tubs - behind at drop off causes a lot of trouble during the sale and breakdown, and really slows down the pick up process.

If you fail to leave a tub for your unsold items, or do not leave a tub big enough to fit at least half your items, we'll happily sell you one of our tubs for a reasonable $8 fee. Or you can choose to donate all of your unsold items - just let us know at drop off.

You need to provide us with large enough tub on Wednesday. Because of the business of the sale, consignors are not permitted to bring in tubs after drop off.

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