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Making the Most of Item Limits

Updated: Sep 11

If you're stressed about item limits here are a few things we recommend!

First and foremost - READ THIS post from Consignment Mommies about increasing your sell though rate.

Consignors with a 50% or higher sell through rate in previous sales will be eligible to bring up to 500 items!


  1. Sort through all your items and only pick the best of the best! Remove any items that didn’t make the cut from your sellers account. For tips on deciding what should stay and what should go, check out this post from Consignment Mommies

  2. Then, go through the items that are left and decide if:

  • They are current trendy styles - remove anything that isn’t

  • For items that have been at the past 2 or 3 sales and haven’t sold. Maybe its time to retire/donate that items?

  • Remove any of these items that didn’t make the cut from your seller inventory.

  1. With the remaining items, sort through items and look for ways to make sets. Ie, pair tops and bottoms, 2 pairs of leggings, matching shirt and tank top, 2 or 3 pairs of athletic shorts or t-shirts on a hanger.

  2. Then Remove those items from inventory and create a new “item” and tag to represent the new set you made

  3. Please note that we won’t accept sets that don’t match or are not related in some way. We don’t want you just taping hangers together and calling it a set as a “work around” to the item limits!


This one isn't going to be as hard as you think!

  • Sell items as sets! Could mean an outfit like top and bottom or it could mean two or three of similar, same sized, items.

  • Look for new with tags or like new items

  • Look for items that are unique or trendy or classic. Walmart or Target brand infant items tend to not sell as well, BUT they do sell in sets!!!

Here are a few pictures to help you make good item choices when prepping items!

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