May 11, 2020 Updates

We would feel so bad if you had a less than stellar time consigning with us! Especially as we move to our new VIRTUAL STOREFRONT!!

We're going to be posting regular updates and tips to give you the best selling advantage! BUT if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

IF YOU HAVE CHOSEN NOT TO SELL during our virtual event please fill out this form so that we can issue you a refund and take you off the Spring 2020 Sellers mailing list. FIRST OFF - let me say how amazing you all are!!! I love all your feedback and encouragement! Thanks to all of you our event is going to be a huge success - I just know it! Just like our “in-person” event there are pros and cons to moving to an online store model. Ken and I have thought long and hard about whether or not to make this shift, and ultimately we decided that we’d rather give our Whoo Consigns friends the option to buy and sell this way rather than nothing at all. Just like our “in-person” event each seller will have to choose if this is the right format for them to sell their items. We can tell you that we feel like there are a lot of positives to selling online - one includes being able to get your items in front of more people - whenever and wherever they want to shop. You still don’t have to haggle prices, worry about missed meetups, and get to clean out your stuff all in one shot! If you feel this will not work for you for whatever reason we totally understand.

For Our Virtual Event

We are hoping to hold the event late May or early June. We are working on securing a location to hold drop off / pick up and exact dates will be determined on this availability. Whoo Consigns will continue to advertise heavily through our social media channels. We encourage all of you to share, like, and comment on our posts so they get maximum reach. We are hoping that with our virtual event we’ll reach even MORE people than we do with our in-person event. Unless we hear from you otherwise (see form below) we are going to assume that you would like to participate online and will add you to our mailing list for updates. Sellers will still earn 60% of their sales. Currently, there is not the option for Team Member shifts. But there may be in the future. We are also inviting any previous sellers to register for the virtual sale, even if you missed registration for the in-person Spring sale. (Click this link to register and pay the $12.00 seller fee.) Because this is a new sale format, we are not allowing brand new sellers that aren’t already registered. Sellers will enter items from approved categories (listed here) into our *NEW* online form. You will have room for a title and long description if needed. We feel that bundling items will actually make inputting items less time consuming - so that’s a plus! Though you will need to input bundles/items one at a time the form is very user friendly and “smooth” and we really feel you won’t have any issues using it. Item input will include pictures, title, description, price, category, seller number, and if you would like to participate in the 1/2 price event. We will give instructions on how to label each physical item so that it matches the items you’re adding so there’s no confusion. Any items entered that do not meet our guidelines or standards will not be included in the event. You’ll be notified that your item/bundle didn’t qualify. There will be guidelines for how to package bundles so that you can keep these items neat and organized. Each category will be marked as Required to be sold in bundles, recommend selling in bundles, and okay to sell as a single item. For each category, there may be a minimum or a maximum number of items/bundles allowed. There will also be a minimum price allowed for each category. (A chart with that info will be coming very soon.) Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on pricing!!! We’ve decided to NOT set a hard $15 minimum across the board but rather base the minimum amount by category. For items that we will NOT accept at the virtual event or for sellers who are choosing NOT to participate

  • Leave those tags on!! You’ll be able to sell them at the next in-person event (as is appropriate, we’re still not mixing swimsuits and snow gear :) )

  • We will be accepting CERTAIN items in the “no sell” category if bundled with other accepted items - within reason.

We will be posting some recommendations for putting together bundles that will appeal to shoppers and get some of those items that aren’t allowed to be sold as “single items” out of your house. Once we receive your item list we will upload them to Shopify. I will allow 4 “pre-post changes” to prices/pictures etc per seller


On the first sale date, the event will open for pre-sales. In order to “enter” the sale you must register with a cell number & email. We will text and email pre-sale shoppers with the code when their time to shop has started.

  1. Sellers

  2. VIP pass holders

  3. New Moms

  4. General Pubic can shop and no entry code required

Our event will run for about 1 week. (we’re currently thinking Friday - Friday) Shoppers will shop at our store just like any other online store. They will add items to their cart as they shop. We want to balance giving shoppers enough time to shop/spend money / check out but still giving your items as much time in front of people who will actually buy as possible. During our in-person event, we allow people to shop as long as they want and reserve items for them as they shop. We do not allow people to hoard items, and only allow item holds for a certain period of time. We hoping to offer the same service to our online shoppers. We also need to consider that we don’t want to rush shoppers too much (same as our in-person event) or they may purchase less than if we gave them time to shop. All that being said we are looking into ways to address the following logistical check out issues

  • Cart abandonment - A shopper has a cart full of items but doesn’t check out after a certain period of time

  • Multiple shoppers with the same item in their cart - We would hate for 5 different shoppers to all think they are getting that great stroller only to go to check out and find someone already purchased it. We’re looking into the option to “reserve” certain high-interest items (or maybe any items in the cart) for a certain period of time so that you are guaranteed that item, and to other shoppers, that item appears as sold. (Much the same way our hold area works during our in-person event)

We’ll accept credit card payments during checkout. At checkout, shoppers will select a time to pick up their purchases after the event has ended. (We are still deciding when those times will be). The last couple of hours of our event will be 1/2 price closeout event. :) Just like our in-person event, you can choose to participate in this event or not. If you choose to participate your items will be highlighted to our shoppers during the last few hours of our event After the event, we will email you a summary of your SOLD ITEMS. You will collect those items and prepare to bring to our drop off location. At a set time you will drop off your items (location still to be determined). Ken and I will sort your items into orders. After drop off shoppers will drive up to our location and pick up their orders. That's all for now!! I'm so excited to bring you more updates regularly as we start finalizing plans. -KEN AND MELISSA THE ABSOLUTELY BEST WAY TO STAY UPDATED is our seller's Facebook group. (link below). I'm working to update the website with a members-only page so that all members of our virtual event will have access to all updates whether they are on Facebook or not Visit this link to request a refund: