May 16, 2020 Updates


Thank you for all your support and ideas! It's what's keeping us going! We are so excited about this new adventure we're on together and we couldn't do it without your help!

We have DATES!!

Virtual Shopping will be open from June 6-12.

Sold Item drop off will be the following week but days and times are still TBD. (we THOUGHT we had a location and were just working out dates . . .but that spot may not work out we are back to the drawing board on that - but we WILL figure something out)

ITEM ENTRY FORM:: UGH! GUYS - WE'RE TRYING. It's been a bit of a crazy week and we are trying so hard to get this form ready for you. We are SO CLOSE. Thanks for your patience! We will let you know AS. SOON. as it's available.

ITEM ENTRY DEADLINE:: June 5th @ 5pm - if you want your items to be there on the first day. Otherwise, you can continue to add items until the event closes.