Dear Friends!

We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well both physically and emotionally. We are sure that most of us have been effected in some way by this terrible virus. We’ve been turned into teachers, work at home moms, and caregivers just to name a few. We’re stuck at home missing our friends and family and social activities. We want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Our hope for each of you is that you have found a way to settle into this new normal - whatever that looks like for your family.

With the COVID-19 virus still hanging around and the ongoing business, school and community event closings, we’ve decided that it’s not possible to hold an ON SITE SPRING event. It’s our desire to keep everyone in our Whoo Consigns family safe and free from the possibility of infections. This is especially true for our customers, many of whom are pregnant, nursing or have young children at home. Also, the nature of our event is not conducive to “social distancing” and we are unable to procure enough preventive items like disinfecting wipes or bulk sanitizers and face masks to even begin to meet social distancing guidelines.

Sooo - What happens next??

Ken and I are currently planning ways to move forward with our event - even if it may not look the same as it usually does. We’re planning to hold a VIRTUAL (online) SALE where you would still be able to shop thousands of great items at fantastic prices. We will offer a local contactless pick up service at one central location to keep you from having to pay shipping costs or driving all over North Jersey.

There are a lot of logistics to work out with moving to an online model on short notice and we’re slowing tackling them. The option to move forward virtually will be mostly contingent on two things: consignor participation and all of those logistical challenges falling into place. We are quite confident this model will work with everyone’s support and we appreciate your patience, grace, and understanding while we work to re-imagine what our event will look like during this time.

How this affects SHOPPERS:


  • Anyone who has reserved a New Mom pre-sale pass or purchased a VIP pre-sale pass will keep their passes. If you don’t want the option to have early access to our online sale you may “return” your pass or transfer to a friend.

  • Shoppers will have access to thousands of items in an organized online platform. Simply add the items you want to your shopping cart.

  • One easy check out for all your items. (No need for money to exchange hands or pay multiple sellers)

  • Once you’ve paid you’ll receive a receipt for your items and instructions for how to pick up your items at our curbside pick-up location.

How this affects SELLERS:

  • All currently registered sellers are allowed to participate free of charge.

  • For registered sellers there will be steps you need to take to get your items entered into our NEW storefront. But we promise it won’t be difficult.

  • If you are NOT currently registered, but have consigned with us before and would like to sell virtually, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with more details.

  • ANY SELLER (current or past) who is interested in participating in our virtual sale please fill out the form . We will be in touch shortly to give you all the details on selling in our online store.

To ensure that you receive updates in a timely manner you can text COVID to 64600.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.