Hello Friends!

It's been a few months and we're so excited to be touching base with you again! Spring is fast approaching and you know what that means - CONSIGNMENT SEASON!

We want to share with you all the details about our Spring plans. We know that time (and brain cells) are precious these days so we're going to keep it short!

  1. Covid is still a thing - but there may be an end in sight

  2. Large gatherings are still limited to just 10 PEOPLE

  3. For many reasons, we will NOT be holding a virtual event.

  4. We cannot hold our in-person event while staying in compliance with current NJ guidelines

  5. Our hope is that guidelines will change with more people being vaccinated and as we come out of cold and flu season.

  6. If guidelines change with enough notice for us to get everything together, our plan is to hold an in-person event on APRIL 15-17

Now I'm sure you're thinking what does this mean for us. Good Question!

Write APRIL 15-17 on your calendars! We are going to be super optimistic that we'll be able to pull this off.

For Sellers

If you are a seller you can pop on over to our sellers FB Group for interactive fun and up to the minute updates.

  1. Wait to register - because of all of the unknowns we would hate to collect money for registration only to find out that we are not able to hold our event. We will open registration as sure as we are fairly certain we can hold an indoor event within state and local guidelines.

  2. Wait to enter items - for the same reason as above

  3. Start prepping your items as you would for our regular in-person event! This way you will be ready to enter all your items as soon as registration opens!

  4. If you have ONLY SOLD VIRTUALLY I'll be putting together a little video tutorial soon on how to prep for an in-person event vs an online event.