Updates 5/28/20


As we navigate our new virtual event we have found a few things that we feel we need to state - and make sure that all sellers are in agreement with.

1. You will not sell items if you or a member of your family has been sick within the past 14 days

2. You will do your best to wash and disinfect your items before drop off. 

3. You agree to drop off your sold items at your selected time on June 15th

1. Time slots sign-ups will be made available soon

4. You will wear a mask at drop off and adhere to current social distance guidelines

5. Any items that do not meet our quality or accept item guidelines will be deleted from the event. We will notify you if this happens. 

1. If items are rejected by the buyer due to excessive wear, broken or missing parts/items, etc sellers will be charged a $10 fee. 

6. If you enter items into our system we are assuming that you plan to sell those items with Whoo Consigns and Whoo Consigns only in order to ensure that those items are available for our shoppers when the event opens.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to accurately enter your items. This includes item number, descriptions, prices, pictures etc. Changes after submit are time-consuming and we'd like to avoid them if possible. 

We are working on a "read-only" sheet of your inputted items so that you can review prices/descriptions/photos before the final event.

We understand that mistakes happen and that you don't have a way to go back and edit your own items, so we are willing to make a limited number of edits to your items if you realize there is something you want to change. 

If there are excessive edits there will be a processing fee and may result in you having to re-enter items.




SELLER WEB PAGE:  here and the password is:: whoosells






Item entry deadline: June 3rd. 

◦ We didn't think we would need a deadline - but we have realized that there is a bit of work involved to make sure that your entered items are looking their best. 

◦ We will do another upload of any items not entered on June 6th. We'll upload everyday unit the event ends if you find you want to add more items. This will mean that your items miss the big pre-sale day. 

ITEM TAGS: We sent out personalized item tags - along with a lot of other important info - on May 19. I know that some of you have not gotten that email and I apologize! please check all your miscellaneous folders for an email entitled  "SELLER INPUT FORM IS READY". I want to make sure that you are not missing other important updates from us!!

◦ There are links above to your personalized tags!

If you can't find the email or the link above doesn't work. Please click this link - and I'll get them to you ASAP!

Some tips for entering items

◦ SOLID - LIGHT colored background will best highlight your items. 

◦ Take highlight pictures of large items such as special features

◦ Try to arrange clothes a neatly as possible - highlighting and complete outfits if possible. 

◦ If possible include your item tag in the picture to help verify which item has which number.

Car seats and booster seats need to show a clear picture of the •manufacturer date• and I need •car seat waivers• emailed for each seat you enter.  [ Car Seat Waiver Form - Used Car Seat Checklist ]

Large items consider adding measurements (I saw one of you already did this