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Small toys can be grouped and sold together in a Ziploc bag. Make sure that you securely close the ziplock bag with packing tape and the tag is securely taped to the bag. Small parts that go along with larger toys can be put into bags and attached securely to the main piece with zip ties or packing tape. Complete games and puzzles should be in the original box and taped closed. Double check you are selling the complete set without any missing pieces. (How frustrating would that be for a shopper?) Stuffed animals that play music or talk/read should be clean and in excellent condition. BOOKS: Use packing tape to attach tags to the inside or back cover of single books. If selling books in a set: Package books in a ziplock bag and tape it securely closed. Note on the tag how many books are in the set. Place tag INSIDE ziplock bag. Securely tie books together with ribbon or twine. Make sure books can't be separated from each other. Note on the tag how man bags are in each set. Small board books or thin paper books tend to sell better when grouped in small sets. Review all DVDs and CDs to make sure they are in good working condition (no skips). Attach tags with tape or sell similar movies or sets together in - you guessed it - a Ziploc bag! WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING VHS TAPES! If you're selling an item that will need to be assembled after it’s been purchased, consider including a picture of the assembled item in your home. (Examples would be pop-up tents, bedding sets, Pack 'n Plays, etc.) Shoppers like to see exactly what they're buying and that’s hard to do when an item is all bundled up. And it might just help the next owner put it together correctly!

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