Ways You Can Help 

Become part of our Team for a few hours

Our Team Members are VERY important to our sales! From set up and drop off, to take down and send home, and everything in between, our Team Members are the key to running a smooth sale and creating a great shopping experience.  Our Team Members maintain the clean, well-organized and friendly atmosphere that sets our sales apart.


Team Members get to shop our sale before anyone else!

Anyone who registers as a seller can become a Team Member during our event!  All positions are broken down into several hour shifts before, during and after our sale.  Registering for a shift is fast and easy through our online program.  You’ll be able to easily see which shifts are available and choose the ones that work best for you.


As a consignor, if you choose to become a Team Member you will earn a higher percentage of your sales based on how many shifts you work.

1 Shift =   65% of total sales

2 Shifts = 70% of total sales




  • Set-Up / Consignor Check-In (before the sale starts) - assemble racks; inspect and check-in consignor's items

  • Greeter - welcome shoppers; explain sale and answer questions

  • Sale Assistant - assist shoppers and organize merchandise

  • Consignor Pick Up / Breakdown (after the sale is over) - assist consignors; take down racks and clean up

If you aren't able to physically be part of the team during the sale

Barter Shifts are not available for our 2021 Events

team Member shifts are highly coveted and usually fill up within the first few days of opening the sale. We wish we had enough shifts to give to everyone! But we don't.  But we Do give you a few ways to earn a higher percentage of your sales if you are a consignor - or to shop early if you are not selling with us, yet!


We have "Barter" shifts available where you can bring in some food/drinks.  (we supply all shoppers and Team Members with snacks and drinks) here is what that looks like. You can sign up for these shifts using one of the links below.

  • Provide cases of bottled water for Team Members, consigners, and shoppers - 3 LARGE cases = 1 shift

  • Provide packs or bottles of soda - (6) 12packs or equivalent  = 1 shift

  • Provide snacks in bulk (Costco size) packages, such as - 3 items total (must be Costco/BJ's size to get credit) = 1 shift

    • Snickers or other candy

    • Granola bars

    • Chips or Pretzels

    • Whole fresh fruit (bananas, grapes, apples, etc. )

    • Cookies or another dessert/bakery items


We also have a consignor referral program. If you refer friends to consign with us you'll earn your consignor fee back plus 1% of your sales for each additionally qualified referral. 


As a Team Member, your primary responsibilities are helping customers and maintaining the sale floor, and you may not have the opportunity to shop. We ask that when choosing your work shift, please make sure that you have also planned some shopping time for yourself another time during the week.

Register as

A Team Member


Registered Consignors will be able to choose shifts through their seller account.