About The Owners

Hi, everyone! We are Mary Jonelle Menz and Nicole Densmore. We became friends through our children’s playgroup in the Packanack Lake community of Wayne, New Jersey. We’re both currently stay at home moms who love to shop, but even more, love to save money!


About The Menz Family

Hi, I'm MJ! I have been shopping at Whoo Consigns since the Fall 2017 consignment sale. I was first invited to shop the New Mom Pre-Sale when my son Michael, who was just 4 months old at the time, was attending daycare at Little Footsteps which is located at the Wayne PAL – the same building where the Whoo Consigns consignment sale is held twice a year. I have always enjoyed going to garage sales and flea markets on the weekends with my parents growing up. There is just something exciting about not knowing what you are going to find! I also had the opportunity to volunteer and help run a large garage sale to benefit our community’s Mothers Club. Over the years, I had been to a few consignment shops but never heard of a children’s seasonal consignment sale before this. I realized this was such a great concept for moms to shop for everything they needed in one spot at a discounted price! I found some amazing deals on clothes and toys that were in impeccable condition for my son during that first sale. Since my husband Brian is always asking me to get rid of things, I decided I would sign up to become a seller for the next sale. When I learned that I could earn a higher percentage of my sales by volunteering, I signed up for that too! Since then, I have been a seller and team member volunteer! And now, we are both looking forward to the opportunity to run the sale! My husband and I have three boys. Michael is now 4 years old and our twins, John and Walter, are 2 years old. I previously worked as a nuclear pharmacist but love being able to spend more time with my family and friends now. Brian works as an engineer for a construction company in New York City. We enjoy traveling whenever we can and especially love visiting Walt Disney World with our children every year. 


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About The Densmore Family

Hi, I'm Nikki - a former elementary school teacher who has recently developed a love of consigning!  A few months before the Fall 2021 Whoo Consigns sale I was at MJ’s house while our boys were having a playdate.  We were discussing the fact that we were both trying to organize our toy rooms, and I mentioned that I didn’t know what to do with all of the toys my children no longer played with.  I hated the thought of just throwing them out - some of them were still practically brand new! The idea of selling each toy individually seemed way too time consuming, and it seemed that a lot of charities were no longer accepting used toys.  MJ mentioned that she and some other mom friends of ours had been selling their no longer used items at the Whoo Consigns seasonal sales, so I decided to sign up and give it a try!  Shortly after I got my seller ID I was going through our toy room, garage, and basement and tagging my items.  I was amazed at how efficient the selling process was, and when it was over I was also amazed at how much money I made!  I was already starting to think about what items I would consign at the next sale when MJ approached me with the idea of running the sale together as business partners. I was thrilled and happily accepted the invitation!  My husband, CJ, is a Marine Corps veteran and Federal IT Program Manager and is looking forward to helping us run the technological side of the business.  We have two boys - Collin who is 8 years old and Tristan who just turned 5 years old. They both love to play sports, which is how we spend most of our weekends.  In our free time we love to travel and spend time with our friends.


We all look forward to meeting everyone as well as providing a fun and organized place for the community to sell and shop for their clothing, toys, and other children's items at great prices!