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Whoo Consigns accepts most children’s items from newborn to teen! However, there are some specific guidelines that sellers must follow in order to participate. Please make sure to review the guidelines, list of accepted items, and items not accepted prior to gathering and entering your items for the sale. A good rule of thumb is to only sell items that are of high enough quality that you would want to buy them!


Please remember:

  • All items must be seasonally appropriate (except maternity clothing).

  • All items must be clean and in very good to excellent condition.

  • All items must be in proper working order with new batteries, adapter, or charger (if applicable).

  • There is a total item limit of 250 items per seller. 

  • There are category item limits for infant clothing (newborn to 18 months), women’s categories, and men’s categories. 

The following is a list of the most commonly accepted items to help you get started! If you are unsure about whether an item is acceptable, please contact us at to verify before entering and bringing the item to the sale.


Please note that items marked with an asterisk (*) must be in NEW condition to be sold.


Backpacks, belts, hair accessories, hats, lunchboxes, purses, socks, sunglasses, suitcases, ties, tights, training bras*, underwear*

  • Training bras and underwear must be in NEW condition.


Art supplies*, crafts*, easels, school supplies*, scrapbooking (for baby or children)

  • Art supplies, crafts, and school supplies must be in NEW condition.


Baby carriers, booster feeding / activity seats, bouncers, Bumbo seats (must have buckle), co-sleepers, exersaucers, high chairs, jumpers, Pack ‘n Plays, play mats, play yards, swings, walkers


Bath seats, bathtubs, bed rails, cabinet locks, door knob covers, first aid, gates, humidifiers, monitors, potty chairs, potty seats, safety items, step stools, thermometers

  • Bath seats, bathtubs, humidifiers, potty chairs, and potty seats must be completely clean and sanitized!


Bath towels, blankets, comforters, crib skirts, decorative pillows, mattress protectors, pillows (baby or toddler size), pregnancy body pillows, muslin blankets, quilts, sheets (for cribs, toddler beds, twin beds, pack ‘n plays), sleep sacks, sleeping bags, stroller blankets, swaddles


Activity books, baby cookbooks, baby books, board books, chapter books, children’s books, coloring books, early reader books, educational books, parenting books, picture books, pregnancy books, sound books (sound must work)

  • No rips, tears, missing pages, writing, or coloring in any books!

  • May sell individually or in bundles of similar books (Ex. same author or similar topic)

  • Please use string or tape to keep book sets or bundles together - NO BOOKS IN BAGS!


Boosters, canopy covers, car seat accessories, car window shades, combination car seats, convertible car seats, infant car seats, infant car seat bases, mirrors, neck support pillows, shopping cart covers

  • You must complete our Car Seat Waiver Form for EACH car seat, car seat base, and/or booster you are planning to sell! 


  • Must be seasonally appropriate clothing for Toddlers to Juniors

  • No limit per size for 24 months and up

  • All clothing must be hung securely on hangers with the hook facing to the left so that it looks like a question mark (except onesies). 


Bassinets, changing pads, changing pad covers, changing tables, cribs, crib mattresses, crib mobiles, crib musical toys, dressers, gliders, rocking chairs, sound machines

  • Cribs must be manufactured after June 2011 and have not been recalled.

  • Cribs must be set up by seller or have assembled picture of actual crib attached at the sale.

  • Please contact us if you are planning to bring any large furniture. You may need to make arrangements to pickup if it does not sell.


Dance accessories, dance outfits, dance shoes, dress-up / role play outfits (for ages 2 to 6)


Cloth diapers and liners/inserts (in excellent condition only), diaper bags, diaper pails, disposable diapers*, swim diapers*, swim diaper covers, wipes*, wipe warmers

  • Disposable diapers, swim diapers, and wipes must be in sealed packages.

  • Diaper pails must be clean and sanitized!


Bibs, bottles, bottle nipples*, bottle sterilizers, bottle warmers, bowls, burp cloths, cups, dishwasher baskets, drying racks, pacifiers*, placemats, plates, utensils

  • Bottles, bowls, cups, plates, and utensils must be in new or like new condition without any bite marks, significant scratches, or noticeable wear!

  • Bottle nipples and pacifiers must be in NEW condition.


Board games, card games, chunky puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, matching games, wooden puzzles

  • Must be complete with NO missing pieces!

  • Please double check that all pieces are included and secured!

    • Tape board games and puzzle boxes so that pieces do not go missing during the sale.​

    • Use Saran wrap or clear Ziploc bag to secure chunky, wooden puzzle pieces. 


  • Must be seasonally appropriate clothing for babies!

  • Category Limit for Infant Clothing (sizes 0 to 18 months): 20 hangers per size / gender

    • This includes pajamas and sleep sacks.​

    • This does not include infant gear or accessories.

  • All clothing must be hung securely on hangers with the hook facing to the left so that it looks like a question mark (except onesies).

  • Onesies must be bundled and bagged in sets of about 6! Onesies may only be hung on a hanger if part of a matching set.


Artwork, baskets, beds (toddler and twin only), bookshelves, chairs, clocks, decals, desks, dressers, growth charts, hampers, lamps, night lights, photo albums, piggy banks, rugs, shelves, storage chests, storage containers, stools, table & chair sets, themed picture frames, toy boxes, train tables

  • Rugs must be in new or excellent condition.

  • Décor must be children-themed.

  • Beds must be set up by seller or have assembled picture of actual bed attached at the sale. 


  • No limit!

  • All seasons accepted!

    • Exception: No Maternity Winter Coats at Spring Sale​


Blu-rays, CDs, DVDs, game consoles, video games

  • Must be for baby, children, teen, or family-friendly!

  • Must work and be in original case with no scratches!


Breast pumps*, breast pump accessories*, nursing bras*, nursing covers, nursing pillows, nursing stools

  • Pumps must be BRAND NEW, unused, unopened with factory seal and packaging intact

  • Breast pump accessories, nursing bras, and nursing pads must be in NEW condition.


Bicycles, Big Wheels, bike trailers, Cozy Coupes, playhouses, Power Wheels, ride-ons, scooters, slides, tricycles, wagons, yard toys


  • All sizes accepted for children from newborn to teen!

  • Must be seasonally appropriate and in excellent condition!

  • Must be clean on top, bottom, and inside!

  • Must be zip-tied together - NO SHOES IN BAGS!


Balls, bats, gloves, helmets, shin guards, sports bags, roller blades


Double strollers, jogging strollers, single strollers, sit and stand strollers, Snap-N-Go strollers, stroller accessories, umbrella strollers


  • We accept just about any toy for babies through teens!

  • Must be complete with all pieces and working batteries (if applicable)!

  • Stuffed animals will only be accepted if they have a function/talk/sing/dance (Ex. Tickle Me Elmo, Laugh & Learn Puppy) OR if they are BRAND NEW WITH TAG popular trademarked character (Ex. Disney, Paw Patrol, Squishmallows).


  • Clothing, shoes, and outerwear must be seasonally appropriate, current styles, and in excellent condition!

  • All clothing must be hung securely on hangers with the hook facing to the left so that it looks like a question mark. 

  • Handbags must be from retail stores or designers. No "knock off" or counterfeit handbags!

  • Shoes must be clean (on top, bottom, and inside) and zip-tied together - NO SHOES IN BAGS!

  • There are Category Limits for the following Women's items:

    • Clothing = 20 items​​

    • ​Handbags = 5 items​

    • Outerwear = 20 items

    • Shoes = 5 items



  • Styles and brands for teens and young men are recommended and preferred!

  • Clothing, shoes, and outerwear must be seasonally appropriate, current styles, and in excellent condition!

  • All clothing must be hung securely on hangers with the hook facing to the left so that it looks like a question mark. 

  • Shoes must be clean (on top, bottom, and inside) and zip-tied together - NO SHOES IN BAGS!

  • There are Category Limits for the following Men's items:

    • Accessories = 5 items

    • Clothing = 20 items

    • Outerwear = 20 items

    • Shoes = 5 items



Beach accessories, beach towels, beach toys, flip flops, holiday apparel (4th of July, patriotic theme, possibly Easter), life vests, pool toys, Puddle Jumpers, sandals, summer apparel (lightweight fabrics / hoodies / jackets / long sleeves / sweatshirts, rompers, short sleeves, shorts, sleeveless tops, sundresses, tank tops), swimwear, water shoes


Costumes (all sizes – preferably newborn to teen but may also include adult costumes if family-friendly), gloves, holiday apparel (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and possibly Easter), ice skates, mittens, sleds, snowboards, snow boots, snow pants, snowsuits, winter apparel (heavier fabrics, long sleeve, long pants, sweaters), winter boots, winter coats, winter hats, winter shoes


Whoo Consigns reserves the right to refuse or remove any item at the time of drop-off or during the sale that we find to not meet our standard of quality or is on the CPSC Recall List. We cannot accept any recalled items! It is very important to us to maintain a high standard for quality and safety. Please make sure to check your items thoroughly before bringing them to our sale - it is YOUR responsibility! 


  • Accessories or handbags that are “knock-off” or counterfeit

  • Adult books (except parenting and pregnancy books)

  • Antiques, collectibles, or handmade items

  • Any books or shoes in bags

  • Any items that are dirty, stained, missing pieces, broken, or with non-working batteries (if applicable)

  • Any items that are not seasonally appropriate 

  • Birthday party decorations and supplies

  • Bottles, bowls, cups, plates, and utensils with bite marks or noticeable wear

  • Clothing that is not hung on hangers with the hook facing to the left so that it looks like a question mark (except onesies)

  • Clothing with stains, holes, tears, broken zippers, missing buttons, pet hair, odors (smoke, musty, etc.), overly worn, or outdated

  • Cribs that are drop-side, recalled, or manufactured prior to July 2011

  • Expired car seats or car seats that do not meet the criteria in our Car Seat Waiver Form

  • Grab bags – This would be a bag that has toys in it that do not go together!

  • Mature-rated or R-rated media

  • Padded or mesh crib bumpers 

  • Recalled items! Please see below.

  • Toys from dollar stores and fast food restaurants

  • Used or partially used art supplies, crafts, coloring books, notebooks, school supplies, workbooks, etc. 

  • Used baby bottle nipples and pacifiers

  • Used breast pumps and accessories

  • Used nursing bras, training bras, and underwear

  • Used stuffed animals (see exceptions above)

  • VHS and cassette tapes


By signing the Whoo Consigns Seller’s Agreement during registration, you are stating that you have checked your items for recalls and take full responsibility for the items you are selling. It is YOUR responsibility to check if any of your items have been recalled!


CLICK HERE for more information on recalled items by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. 


SOME RECALLED ITEMS - Please note that this is not a comprehensive list by any means! It is just a few of the more popular and/or recently recalled items that we want to make sure you do not bring to our sale. 

  • Boppy Original Newborn Lounger, Boppy Preferred Newborn Lounger, Boppy Pottery Barn Newborn Lounger

  • Bumbo seats without a buckle

  • Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers (all models)


What is considered a “onesie”? 

A onesie is a basic short sleeve or long sleeve piece of clothing that snaps between the legs and is legless. It can be any color, plain, with writing, or with a design. Please remember that all onesies must be bundled and bagged in sets of about 6. Individual or multiple onesies on hangers will NOT be accepted. Onesies may only be hung on hangers if part of a matching outfit. We do not consider a polo shirt that snaps between the legs, rompers, and sleepers to be onesies.

Can I sell more than 250 items? 

We want you to succeed and sell as many items as possible – which is why we have a limit! We want to make sure you bring your best items to the sale and that you have enough time to properly prepare them. We recommend that you consider making outfits whenever possible and bundling similar items if you want to bring more than 250 items. Buyers are looking for deals and this is great way to make your items more appealing to them. This is a win-win situation for you – you get to clear out more of your items, earn more money, and increase your sell through rate. Examples of how to bundle items: 2 pairs of pajamas, 2 pairs of similar t-shirts or pants, similar books (by the same author, same type of book, same topic, etc.). When bundling, please make sure to indicate the number of items on your tag in case an item becomes separated and only bundle clothing in the same size. Sellers who have participated in multiple sales and have consistently had a high sell through rate over 50% may bring more than 250 items. Please contact us directly to verify and increase your total item limit! 

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