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Restocking Sellers

WHY have Restocking SELLERs at all?


Due to limited sale space and overwhleming interest, we simply can’t fit ALL the things on day one. Opening up for Restocking Consignors allows us to offer more items for sale while still keeping our sale floor neat and organized. This works well because during our Pre-Sale day, so many of the items on the sales floor are sold. Restocking allows for new merchandise to be added, so our FRIDAY shoppers get first dibs on a whole lot of new items.

Why Register as a Restocking SELLER?

  • Because seller registration sold out so quickly before you had a chance to sign up.

  • This is your first time selling and you just want to get your feet wet.

  • You don’t have a lot of clothing to sell but, oh brother, are you overrun with everything else.

  • You couldn’t fit that Wednesday drop off into your schedule but you’re free on Friday morning.

  • You like the idea of a discounted registration fee.

  • We could go on but you get the idea.

all the same great benefits of being a SELLER and more:

  • You earn the same 60% of the sales of your items, or more if you choose a Team Member shift.

  • You can shop at the Consignor Pre-Sale however we will note whether you drop off your items the following day.

  • You pick up your unsold items the same time as all sellers (or donate them and don't worry about it).

  • You have two extra days to enter your items.

  • You are automatically added to our Consignor Waiting List, so if a Consignor un-registers, you can be offered an opportunity to consign with our traditional Consignors

How is being a Restock Consignor Different?

There are few things to take note of before deciding if RESTOCK is a good choice for you:


Your Seller Fee is only $8.00 - YAY
Drop off is on FRIDAY MORNING - 

Make sure that you are available to drop off between 9am-10am. ​​

You are limited to 50 items - 


We want nothing more than to help you sell as many items as possible. BUT, we also want you to have a smooth selling experience! As we roll out our new Restocking program we are going to take it slow to make sure we can offer you the same seller experience as traditional sellers. If you have over 50 items to sell, talk to us. There may be some wiggle room, but we’re not making any promises!

We DO NOT accept clothing… and a few other items…. from restocking sellers - 

You will notice that our restock categories are limited to only our most in-demand item categories. This is for two reasons. One, we have SO.MUCH.CLOTHING (and shoes, and maternity, etc.) that there is still plenty of a selection after Pre-Sale day. Two, clothing takes a long time to check-in. (If we allowed our restock sellers to bring clothing we would have to seriously limit the number of sellers - and we really don't want to do that.) So we are asking that you ONLY bring items in the categories listed. If you have questions let us know! You can review those Categories here


If you have questions and for more information, you can email us
Spots will be limited so act quickly!!
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