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Too Busy

To Tag?

Not Enough Time To Consign

Prepping and tagging at home isn't for everyone!


We've got the solution for that!

How It Works for Sellers/Consignors

  • Express tagging is for you if you don’t have the time or desire to sort through and “tag” all your items but still want to take advantage of earning some extra cash by selling at one of our sales.

  • We offer a invitation-only program called “Express Tagging”. This service will facilitate a partnership between an exceptional established consignor (aka Pro Tagger) and a new/busy consignor.

  • If you are interested in being part of our Express Tagging program as a consignor please contact Whoo Consigns to let us know that they are interested in participating in our Express Tagging Service . We’ll get back to you ASAP to set things up!

Here is how the process works:

  •  The Consignor will sign our Express Tagging Contract and pay appropriate fees. ($15.00) After this time they will be put in touch with one of our Pro Taggers.

    • o Whoo Consigns will then create an Express Tagging account for that consignor and give log in information to their Pro Tagger.

  • ▪ ExpressTaggingConsignorswillnothaveaccesstotheiraccountuntiltheendofthesalewhentheywillbe given their log in information. At this point, they will be able to view their settlement report and view sold items reports. This is to prevent any confusion during the tagging and setup process.

  •  The consignor and Tagger will decide on a place to meet up where the consignor will hand off their items to the Tagger. o Items must meet all guidelines as outlined in our website
    o Tagger has the right to reject any items that do not appear to meet these guidelines or that are out of the scope of what they agreed to accept.

  •   The Express Tagging Consignor will leave items will the Tagger who agrees to price and prepare items the drop them off at the sale on behalf of the Consignor. The Tagger will text Whoo Consigns an image of the bin/s they were given as confirmation that they received items.

  •   The Express Tagging Consignor will agree to have all items marked discount/donate and to allow the Pro Tagger to price all items as she sees fit.

    • o Part of the advantages of our Express Tagging is that you are getting the experience of the Pro Tagger who knows how to price, bundle, and prepare items to get you the best possible return for your items. Pro Taggers know how to spot high-end or high-demand items and price accordingly. If you would like to see the price guidelines our Pro- Taggers us you can visit our website and click SELL > GUIDELINES > PRICING TIPS (in the pink bar halfway down the page).

    • o If you feel that you would like more control over how your items are priced Express Tagging may not be the best option for you. Please feel free to sign up via our website as a “regular” consignor.

  •   The Express Tagging Consignor will receive 40% of the sales of their sold items.

  •   Any hangers that can be provided will be appreciated.

  •   Express Tagging Consignors will receive one pass to the consignor only Pre-sale and Two Passes to the “regular” pre-sale.

  •   At this time Express Tagging Consignors are not allowed take on volunteer shifts

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